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Different Styles of Electric Bikes

What bikes right for me? 

Comfort/Cruiser: This category is designed for the casual recreational rider that wants comfort and control. You will sit upright, have a super comfy saddle, positioned to see the sites and have a blast doing it! Perfect for getting some exercise or running a quick errand to the store. Oftentimes these styles are equipped with a basket for additional storage space as well.

Mountain/Off-Road:  This category is designed for people looking for adventures off road or on trails. This style takes you farther and faster with less effort than a traditional bicycle. These Off Road machines climb hills with ease and make descending even more fun due to the acceleration you can get when you pedal. Electric bikes are often a little heavier than a traditional bike as well which helps keep your bike grounded and gives the driver more stability and control. 

Foldable E-Bikes: Foldable electric bikes offer all the great benefits of regular electric bikes, but also allow you to tuck them away when you are not using it. Leave the bike rack at home, foldable bikes make transporting them in the car a breeze.

Fat Tire E-Bikes: Fat tire electric bikes are widely popular among people who live near a beach or an area that often gets snow. The fat tire drives exceptionally well on sand and snow allowing for the biker to go places a traditional tire could not go, but still drives as smooth as ever on trails and roads.