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Benefits of Owning an Electric Bike

Need a boost? 

The most obvious benefit of riding an electric bike is the ability to provide yourself with a boost to get up big hills that a traditional bike would have an immense struggle with. Commuters find that the motor provides enough help to eliminate sweating. The motor also makes it easy to carry the additional weight of a backpack filled with stuff you need for the day.


Even though electric bikes offer extra power, you do not always have to tap into it. You can control when and how much assistance you need. This allows you to use the electric bike as a traditional one until you get tired or want to take a break. 

Hassle free

Fortunately electric bikes are classified as bicycles, this means you do not need a license or insurance to drive one. The top assisted speed is about 28mph on most models which is great for people looking to navigate their way around busy city traffic. They are also easy to park and the battery is able to be recharged in a few hours allowing you to charge it in a pinch. It’s obvious why many city dwellers and college students have gotten electric bikes as they are a viable alternative to cars.

Great for fitness 

Electric bikes are a fantastic way to burn calories. You're repaid for pedaling with longer battery life. Plus, it feels great to pedal when it's so easy to, so most e-riders actually pedal a lot. You get as much exercise as you want... or don’t want! Check out our other blog “Pedal Your Way to Fitness” for a more in depth view on the fitness benefits.